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Angelina Jolie smoking
Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Probably, unconfirmed
Quit = Probably has
Profession = actress

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Cigar/Cigarette Brand
• Parliament

Miscellaneous information
• "Angelina Jolie has been making sure there's plenty of distance between her adopted son, Maddox, and co-star Colin Farrell on the Alexander set. The Tomb Raider stunner is said to be more than happy to take her two-year-old boy for a stroll between takes on the historical epic, but she won't let him go anywhere near Farrell's trailer. 'The problem is he smokes so much', says an on-set source. 'Colin likes his smokes almost as much as he likes his women and booze. Angelina is protective of Maddox and won't have him anywhere near a smoky room. And they don't come any smokier than Colin's trailer'", Daily Record (UK), Jan. 20, '04
• "Brad Pitt has given up smoking - allegedly under the threat of a sex ban by Angelina Jolie. Sources claim the stunning actress has given the Hollywood heartthrob an ultimatum - cigarettes or sex - because she hates the smell. An insider is quoted by Britain's News of the World newspaper as saying: 'It worked. Brad hasn't smoked for almost two weeks.' The 'Mr and Mrs Smith' co-stars have still refused to confirm they are dating", website, Aug. 1, '05
• "According to late reports, Hollywood star Brad Pitt is trying to give up smoking for the sake of Angelina Jolie and her children.", website, Oct. 11, '05
• "she's got [Brad Pitt] on a near meatless diet and convinced him to give up smoking", London Free Press, Oct. 23, '05

Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
• "She smiles, knocks a cigarette out of a nearly empty pack, and lights it with a paper match", Premiere Magazine, Oct. '99
• "She is what one might call a sympathetic smoker. You light up, she lights up. Until she starts talking about her past, which wasn't as glamorous as one would think. Then she chain smokes-all by herself.", "Jolie excuses herself to go to the hotel lobby and buy another pack of smokes. When she returns and lights up again, she mutters aloud, 'Why am I smoking so much?'", Harper's Bazaar, Nov. '99
• "She clamps a Parliament Light between her teeth, lighting it with a hot- pink Bic...dumping her cigarette ash onto a bread plate...She lights another cigarette...dreamily watching a plume of smoke ascend to the ceiling", San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 12, '99
• "Angelina lights a cigarette and looks around the room.", Sky, Dec. '99
• "she sits perched on the bed of her Los Angeles hotel room wearing a crumpled grey suit and smoking a another cigarette...She stubs her cigarette out gently", Empire Magazine, Feb. '00
• same, Empire Magazine, Feb. '00
• same, Empire Magazine, Feb. '00
• "Jolie pauses to light a cigarette", Jezebel, Feb. '00
• "She smokes a lot", Marie Claire (Australia), Feb. '00
• "she sips coffee and draws deeply on her cigarette", Elle Magazine (Australia), Mar. '00
• "Next, she headed to the bar for a glass of champagne and a cigarette before anxious awards officials grabbed her and insisted she come to the stage to present", Cosmopolitan, May 1, '00
• "She's giving up sweets and cigarettes", Philadelphia Inquirer, Jun. 8, '00
• "cigarette dangling from her plump, pouty lips", USA Weekend, Jun. 11, '00
• "To prepare for the action movie 'Lara Croft', Jolie says, 'They took away my cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and sugar'", World Entertainment News Network, Aug. 14, '00
• "A cigarette and a diet Coke, that's all I need", "lights a Parliament", AP, Sep. 28, '00
• quit - "Angelina Jolie has spent the last few months on a special diet for her movie Tomb Raider. Jolie's been forced to swap cigarettes and coffee for steamed meat, vegetables and soya milk. 'It's an interesting test because I used to smoke and drink and I used to not eat breakfast but have a cigarette and coffee'", World Entertainment News Network, Nov. 13, '00
• "Smoking cigarettes in the shade, she is barefoot, dressed in a traditional monk's orange shawl", Profile in Time (international edition), Dec. 18, '00
• "she smokes", Premiere Magazine, Dec. '00, p. 70
• quit - "Before jumping into 'Tomb Raider,' Jolie was anything but physically fit. A heavy smoker, she swore off cigarettes and alcohol and began a three-month training regimen", North Jersey Record, Jun. 10, '01
• "I smoked a lot", World Entertainment News Network, Jan. 25, '01
• "Jolie, who by her own admission used to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle, living on cigarettes, alcohol and junk food, had to shape up for her role in the movie Tomb Raider. `I smoked a lot, drank far too much. I had to undergo a complete re-adjustment, living on water and vitamins'", World Entertainment News Network, Mar. 13, '01
• "Although it really wasn't necessary, a body-double was engaged for the nude scenes in the computer-game filming of Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie...admitted to having smoked and drunk too much so she wasn't in form for these scenes", Star News (Germany), Apr. '01
• quit - "Actually, I don't smoke. I drink occasionally, but hardly at all. But yeah, Billy stopped smoking; we both don't smoke anymore. Makes me happy because we are both going to be healthy. We both eat pretty healthy because we both want to be strong -- we want to take life on. I think we both think we can let life eat at us and we could hide and get really dark and self-destructive, certainly I can, or I can step up and embrace it all and take life in and I've chosen to do that and this character [Lara Croft] has helped me", Entertainment Tonighting (Online), Apr. 23, '01
• quit - "Hollywood babe Angelina Jolie has made her husband Billy Bob Thornton quit smoking - so he will live longer. 'Billy stopped buying cigarettes, so neither of us smoke any more'", World Entertainment News Network, Apr. 25, '01
• quit - "neither of us [she and her husband] smoke any more...I used to smoke and drink and eat lots of sugar...and I'd skip breakfast; I used to have a cigarette and coffee", Daily Express (UK), Apr. 25, '01
• quit - "Angelina Jolie says she and husband Billy Bob Thornton are cleaning up their acts. No more smoking or drinking, and a sugar-free diet. They want to be really healthy before they embark on having children", Orlando Sentinel, Apr. 30, '01
• quit - "Billy Bob Thornton, discussing his wife, Angelina Jolie, said, 'We both love people, we both want to be liked, but we put on a tough exterior for years, smoking, drinking, having tattoos. We saved each other's lives, spiritually and physically. We quit smoking, we quit drinking, but we still get tattoos'", Los Angeles Times, May 14, '01
• "There's only one way for me to do things, and that's in extremes. I was in a period piece, [Original Sin (2001)] smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, and suddenly I felt like I was in the army, getting up at 7 a.m. and drinking protein shakes all day", Allentown Morning Call, Jun. 14, '01
• "she even stopped smoking during training for the role [of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider]", People Magazine, Jun. 15, '01, p. 32
• quit - "I learned how to kick box. I canoed up and down the Thames River in London. I quit smoking. That was, maybe, the hardest. The only thing in the contract, I think, was that Lara Croft can't smoke", Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, Jun. 15, '01
• "Viewers of 'Tomb Raider' be warned - the butt they see belonging to Lara is not Angelina Jolie's. It is the rear of a former topless model who was called in after Jolie refused to show her bum for the camera. 'I smoked a lot and drank too much and was out of shape', Jolie said", World Entertainment News Network, Jul. 4, '01
• quit - "had to give up cigarettes and alcohol to transform herself into the cyberbabe Lara Croft. She admitted sneaking some cigarettes under her pillow during the first week of filming Tomb Raider - but said on the whole she stuck to the discipline", Sky News (UK), Jul. 4, '01
• quit - "forced to give up cigarettes, alcohol and coffee", MegaStar, Jul. 6, '01
• quit - "I haven't started smoking again", Flare, Sep. '01
• quit - "The actual Angie takes giddy pride in being a 'really good wife' and stepmother to Thornton's two boys from another marriage, calls her mother every day, doesn't smoke, stays home most nights and watches TV, and is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)", Vogue, Apr. '02
• quit - "she gave up smoking and hasn't touched cigs since", Newcastle Evening Gazette (UK), Mar. 8, '03
• "She has changed from the girl Billy Bobmarried. 'I smoked a lot, drank far too much, suffered from insomnia and, like every other normal person I know, was imbalanced,' says Jolie", Sunday Times (UK), Aug. 10, '03
• "To get into shape, Jolie trained for three months while on a special diet which ruled out sugar, drink and cigarettes", Daily Record (UK), Aug. 15, '03
• "an ever-present cigarette dangling from her bee-stung lips", Daily Express (Saturday magazine) (UK), Mar. 20, '04
• quit - "She smokes Parliament Lights cigarettes - Well, that was before she made Tomb Raider...she quit smoking now!", website, '04
• "Angelina Jolie gave up smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol before she began a three-month training regimen prior to filming Tomb Raider", website, Apr. '05
• quit - "According to an inside source, quoted by Britain's News of the World newspaper, Brad Pitt 'hasn't smoked for almost two weekes'. Apparently, Hollywood heartthrob has given up smoking for Angelina Jolie, the lady of his heart. The source implied that the famous 30-year-old actress has given Brad an ultimatum - cigarettes or sex - as she hates the cigarettes smell. Be it for the ultimatum, or his recovery period after the treatment for meningitis, Brad has quit smoking and still refuses to confirm he is dating Angelina.", Softpedia, Aug. 2, '05
• "Life's a drag for Angelina Jolie...Time to make that heavy smoking habit extinct", Daily Mirror (UK), Aug. 25, '05
• no - "non-smoker and vegetarian", Gala magazine (Germany), Oct. 26, '05
• "I used to not eat breakfast, but have a cigarette and a coffee", Scottish Daily Record (UK), Mar. 31, '07
• "Smoking a cigarette the 32-year-old actress looks wide-eyed and rundown, and is seen with a woman smoking heroin", The Sun (UK), c. May '08
• "smokes up to three packs of cigarettes a day", Canoë website (Canada), when?
• "Getting some solid muscle mass wasn't easy. 'It was two and a half months of tough training,' Jolie says. 'I had just wrapped a period piece (August's [Original Sin (2001)]) and I was drinking wine and smoking cigarettes and having a great time'", website, when?

Pictures of her smoking
• smoking in bed, "Women Before 10 A.M", '98
• posed, holding, The Express, Apr. 30, '99
• full page, posed, dangling in mouth, Later (UK), Jul. '99
• posed, holding a Parliament, Talk Magazine, Sep. '99
• dangling, Jane Magazine, Feb. '00
• holding at Oscar party, Entertainment Weekly, Apr. 7, '00, p. 60
• posed, holding, Daily Express, May 10, '00
• two page spread, near full page pic, Talk Magazine, Jun./Jul. '00, p. 78-80
• Entertainment Weekly, Apr. 3, '01
• inhaling, candid, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 3AM gossip column (The Mirror) (UK), Aug. 25, '05

Collections of pictures of her smoking
• Cigar Glamour
• Celebs Smokers

Pictures from the net
lighting cigar, Original Sin (2001), 45k

Talk Magazine, Sep. '99, holding, 45k

holding, 41k

holding, 100k

dangling, 104k

holding pack of Marlboro Reds, candid, New York, Jan. 19, '00, 38k

holding, on the set of Good Shepherd, The (2006), Aug. '05, 42k


TV/Movies she smokes in:
Angela & Viril (1993) (smoking review)
Beyond Borders (2003) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS CD)
Foxfire (1996) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS CD)
Gia (1998) (TV) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS)
Girl, Interrupted (1999) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS CD)
Good Shepherd, The (2006) (smoking review, buy at DVD)
Hell's Kitchen (1998) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS)
Life or Something Like It (2002) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS)
Mojave Moon (1996) (smoking review, buy at video on demand VHS)
Original Sin (2001) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS CD)
Without Evidence (1995) (smoking review, buy at DVD VHS
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