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Celebrity Women today are found lit up cigars in the public and this has led to the growing popularity of other women smoking these days. Though all the celebrities cannot be blamed for this there are few who walk the red carpet and are candid. This has become one of the reasons for increased women smoking cigars. While some women believe that smoking is the thing that shows their freedom in doing whatever they like and few claim that it is a health benefit and some of them like the flavor and taste and its aroma. Smoking cigars is quite popular among the women. For enjoying nicotine without inhaling smoke they prefer cigar which gives more nicotine compared to more than five cigarettes.

The figure of women smoking is in rise today even in United States. They are no longer worried about the older and outdated restrictions and are reaching record in number in smoking both in public and in private. Some of Celebrities never hesitated to take up this habit and never considered about other health implications. So now smoking is no more the preserve of men but rather it has been associated with glamorous women celebrities.

Celebrity advertisements especially women featuring as cigar smokers is encouraging many others to give a try and slowly this becomes a habit. Compared to the good old days where the advertisements featured just prints of the women on covers to these days where the celebrity on live smoking encourages many female smokers. The promotion of these advertisements is in turn shown like women has become such a strong, possessive and independent where she can enjoy all the luxuries like that of men and there are many cafes and cigar bars in metropolitan cities opened by such celebrities who encourage the young smokers.

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