South Dakota Smoking Ban Is One Year Old

Thursday, November 10th marks one year since South Dakota’s smoke-free law went into effect. The law bans smoking cheap Dunhill cigarettes in bars and restaurants. While smokers and business have adapted with outdoor smoking areas, those who supported the ban are touting its’ success. Darcy Ellefson a respiratory therapist says the health benefits are already being realized.

“There is just an overall sense of relief in South Dakota that workers don’t have to be exposed to secondhand smoke and consumers don’t have to worry about which bar or restaurant can I go to and have safe air to breathe”. Said Ellefson.

Erik Gaikowski with the American Cancer Society agrees

“With the smoke free law more people are choosing to use that as a reason to quit and that was our hope to begin with. Said Gaikowski

Amy Harms is a 15-year volunteer she says she has talked with smokers who voted against the law, but now are happy it passed.

“I think people were really scared about what it would mean for businesses but I believe that businesses are seeing that there are more families out going to restaurants and bowling alleys. Now when people have to go outside, especially in the state of South Dakota, people don’t care for the habit as much.” Said Harms.

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