Celebrity Secret Female Smokers

For someone who’s famous for her fit physique, we’re surprised that Goldie’s daughter is willing to put tar in her body.

She’s not a doctor in real life, but she (badly) plays one on TV. Either way, cancer sticks will get you every time.

We refuse to believe that sweet little Margene from Big Love would smoke in real life. Who’s next? Willow Smith?

Paula Deen smoking

Paula admitted to Larry King that when she’s not chowing on her artery-clogging creations. How is this woman still alive?

Milla Jovovich smoking

Milla’s pretty concerned with preventing wrinkles, according to her L’Oreal commercials. Has anyone filled her in on the effects smoking has on the skin? Someone should show her a photo of W.H. Auden late in life.

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